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I’m not sure where this tag originated from, I’m pretty sure it’s from the Booktube community – I love watching Booktube videos and they give me so much ideas for my posts in the post, and I really love this tag! Also I’m super sorry if I have offended or disagreed with any of your opinions, but these are only my thoughts and you may agree or disagree about them as much as you like.

#1. A Popular Book/Series You Disliked
I have several series that I couldn’t finish because it wasn’t very good, but one of the most popular books that I have read that I disliked was The Alchemyst by Paulo Coelho. I’m so sorry, but it wasn’t really my style. It felt too forced and the plot was terrible, and I hated the characters.

#2. A Book/Series You Like But Everyone Else Hates
This was kind of difficult to find because I rarely ever find a book or series that everyone hates, but one series that popped into my mind was the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater. A lot of people have been saying that this series wasn’t good, that the story was bad and that they basically dislike Stiefvater. But I really liked it. It was my first books by Maggie Stiefvater and since then I have read almost all of her books. Although I did read it quite some time ago, it still holds a dear part in my heart. I love the characters a lot and I wished that more people would appreciate it.

#3. A Love Triangle Where the Main Character Ended Up With the Wrong Person
[Spoiler Warning] For this one I chose not really a love triangle but somewhat so, which was from the book Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. In this book the main character, Sayuri, was in love with the Chairman ever since she was young. But as the story progresses the Chairman’s dear friend, Nobu, fell for her but she doesn’t feel the same. I’ve always wanted the story to end in the way that in the end Sayuri realizes that she doesn’t love the Chairman after all and becomes good friends with Nobu and finally finds love for him too. But the story turned to another path. Sorry for spoilers.

#4. A Popular Genre You Don’t Read Much
I’m actually a very explorative person when it comes to genre. I enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, sometimes horror, action, adventure, contemporary, paranormal, classics, and adult. But one of the genres I don’t read much is romance or erotica. I’ve never really liked those books and I don’t even like romance in normal books so yeah I basically dislike romance.

#5. A Popular Character You Don’t Like
This might get a lot of dislike from people, but ever since I was very young I’ve always disliked Draco Malfoy. I know that a lot of people love him (believe me, I know, I have a Harry Potter blog) and I don’t hate him, but I just don’t like him as a person. I think he’s a bully and stuck-up and annoying and I just dislike him because he’s an antagonist in a way. But I like him as a character, and I really like the role he plays in the development of the plot and story of the books. So I don’t hate him as a character, I actually think he’s a very well-written character, but if he’s a person in real life, I’d probably punch him like Hermione did.

#6. A Popular Author You Can’t Seem To Get Into
There are two authors that come into my mind when I was planning this list, and the first one I won’t explain too much because I haven’t read many of his books and because I’ve mentioned him before, but it is Paulo Coelho. I’m so sorry, but his writing style just doesn’t fit me and I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of his books.
The second author I would like to mention is Meg Cabot. Yes, I know, she’s famous and so many young girls like her but I never really did. I read the Princess Diaries when I was younger and I didn’t like it. And I tried reading her other books (because she has hundreds of them apparently) and I see her books everywhere but I never seem to be interested to read her books. I remember reading the 1-800-Where-R-U series which I find ok, but then I also tried reading her other stand-alones I couldn’t find the interest to.

#7. A Popular Trope You’re Tired of Seeing
Ugh I have A LOT. Some of them are bearable, like love triangles (they’re ok if done right) or the “chosen one” heroes (some of my favourite series have it and I’m fine with it though it’s quite overused). But some, I’m just so done with. And the most irritating one is one with quiet, brooding, hot, good-looking males who are usually badasses and don’t talk a lot and jerks to a lot of people but the female just falls right into him and actually deep inside he’s a good person but he conveys it in sick, evil ways. Examples of this hideous trope is of course Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses whom I dislike (sorry!). I just don’t understand why people think he’s hot and gorgeous and deserve to be with Feyre, because I think he’s an asshole and has to die. Another example is Draco Malfoy, mainly because I just dislike him (see explanation above) and also because again, so many girls in real life actually fall for him because of his attitude.

#8. A Popular Series You Have No Interest in Reading
Again, I have a lot of these in my mind, especially series that are so popular but sound terrible in my head. For example: the Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars series, Matched series (mainly because I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews on this one), and Red Queen. But one of the series I have the least interest in reading is Anna and the French Kiss, because it sounds too romance-y and cheesy and I dislike romance. But I might give it a try in time.

#9. The Book is Not Always Better than the Movie
This one is really tricky, because almost all the books are better than the movie. Everyone knows that. But for this one I chose The Princess Diaries because, as you all know from my previous explanation, I disliked the book.
But, another movie that I thought was really good and better than the book was The Silence of the Lambs. I don’t know why but I really liked the movie. I watched it way before I read Red Dragon or the other books, but it was the one that really stuck to me instead of the books which was usually the way it was for me. It’s mostly probably because it was done pretty well, or maybe because the book wasn’t very impressive or memorable to me, but I kind of liked the movie better than the book. Another movie I liked better than the book was Alice in Wonderland, probably because the book was kind of boring and the animation was wonderful.

That’s all for my Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts! Again I apologize if I have insulted or hurt anyone, these are just my personal opinions and you are all entitled to your own. Tell me your own unpopular opinions on the comment down below 🙂





  1. I loved the Mercy Falls series! Maggie Stiefvater is an amazing author. I would anything she wrote. I do have to disagree on The Silence of the Lambs, though. I read the book first and really liked it. I thought the movie was just okay. Jodie Foster was not who I pictured as Clarice at all.

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