Sunday Updates: September

Wow can’t believe the last time I did a Sunday Updates was in August! Well, this month and particularly this week has been quite busy with schoolwork, but I did read a lot and post a lot of bookish things this week!

sunday updates

For books, this week I finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer! It was part of the Bibliophile Bookclub on Tumblr and at first I wasn’t very excited to read it, but it was quite alright for me. The review for the book will be posted soon.

Other than that, I also started reading two books: Cell by Stephen King is my third Stephen King book and I borrowed it from my university library, which is really exciting and I’m just so happy to live near a library with a lot of books I can borrow from. This book is about an event where something happens to people who are using their cellphones and all of a sudden they kill each other and become an army of zombies. Sounds creepy and weird, but I’m almost finished with the novel and so far I haven’t had any nightmares.

The second book that I started reading this week is The Martian by Andy Weir. Yes, I have finally jumped into the bandwagon and started this super hyped book. I mean, the Goodreads average rating of this book is 4.3! That’s super high! But I don’t really have high expectations for the book, I’m mostly just looking forward to enjoying it and feeling what everyone else is feeling. Not to mention I need to get ready before watching the movie, which is coming out next week! I’ve only started the novel a day ago so I’m not too far in the story.


For the blog, this week I published two posts! One post is about my thoughts on books that should not be made into movies. And the other is a review of a novel that I just read recently and I have mentioned often in this blog, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

And for movies, this week I only watched one movie, which was An Education. I watched it yesterday on Saturday because I was kind of feeling sick and I stayed at home to chill and relax and decided to watch that movie. It was good, very sweet and has a lovely setting and the actors were wonderful. I really liked it.

Well, that is all for this week’s Sunday Updates, see you next week for another update! Did you have fun this week? What books did you read or started? Thank you for reading, hope you all have a lovely Sunday.


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