Sunday Updates: October + Birthday!

sunday updates

Hello everyone, and today I will be sharing to you all about my week in this week’s Sunday Updates! In this weekly meme I made myself, I will tell everything I read, posted, watched, ate, saw, or went to this week. Not to mention this week was quite special because it’s the start of my favourite month of the year, October, and yesterday (Saturday) was my birthday!

First things first, some bookish stuff this week! I finished Stephen King’s Cell and I rated it 3 out of 5 stars (although it was actually more of a 2.5). And for this week I am currently reading two books, which is The Martian by Andy Weir where I’m still on page 100, and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North, and although I’m still on page 73,  I’m liking it so far!
I was so excited to read both of these books, of course most of you might know The Martian because it’s really famous what with the movie coming out this week and all, which I watched yesterday, and this book is definitely my type of book with all the science-y stuff involved. And The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is also a science-fiction book, it’s written beautifully and ___

This week, I actually posted a lot of things on this blog, some of them which are book reviews and last month’s wrap up! You should definitely check them out to find out the books I read last month.
Also, I am so excited to announce that this blog has reached 50 followers! I know it’s not very much compared to other famous blogs, but it is a huge milestone for me, having only started this blog less than two months ago. I really love all my followers and I hope you guys like my blog as well!

Next are some things I bought for myself and things I got from my lovely friends on my birthday! A few days before my birthday I went to the city center and went shopping by myself (which I rarely ever do) as an early birthday present to me.


And so these are some things I bought for myself:

  • a black and white shirt I got at Primark, which I love, and it wasn’t very expensive and I love the fabric of it (and I wore this shirt on my birthday lunch thing!);
  • a Moleskine agenda for this year and next year, which is really helpful for my school work;
  • a face scrub from Lush – Ocean Salt – which I just recently used (it smelled amazing!);
  • and my favourite gift I got myself, a Jon Snow Funko Pop keychain which is adorable and the cutest thing in the world, especially because Jon Snow is like my favourite character in the whole Game of Thrones series!

Other than that, my birthday was amazing! On my birthday I woke up early and received a flood of messages from friends and family, then I went to a secondhand store thing and bought three secondhand books, each for only €5 – I only wanted to buy one but ended up buying three instead.

tumblr_nvnrjyISZm1tsvx65o1_1280 copy

The book I initially wanted to buy was Emma by Jane Austen because I’ve never read it before, and then the owner of the books recommended Kate Atkinson books for me and she owned a lot of them, and I asked her which one did she like best and she mentioned Case Histories which sounded interesting, so I decided to buy that. The last book on the pile is a beautiful, sort of vintage edition of The Scapegoat by Daphne du Maurier. I’ve never heard of that book before but I was moved to read it because it sounded really interesting and I just fell in love with the edition right away.

tumblr_nvnsshCNQI1tsvx65o1_540 copy    tumblr_nvnsshCNQI1tsvx65o2_540 copy

Then I went to the city and had lunch with my friends from university, they were so kind to get me very thoughtful gifts and even made me a cake! I was so surprised and the cake tasted delicious, and I felt so happy knowing that they actually made the cake from scratch just for me, I feel really touched by that 🙂

And lastly, for things I watched this week, I didn’t really watch any movies worth talking about, but lately I’ve been super into a TV show that is old and I know I’m really late for jumping into the bandwagon here but that show is Friends.
I started the series a few weeks ago and at first I was like meh, but then I came to really like the story and really invested into the characters! I’m still on season 4 right now and so far I love everything and this show has been keeping me up at night and keeping me away from reading books. My favourite character so far is Chandler because I don’t know how, I just really relate with him and I think he’s hilarious. I also really like Phoebe and I’m not a huge fan of Rachel (in real life I’d probably hate her) but all the characters have their own values that I really adore.
But I really like the series and I’m so excited to continue on and finish them. I can totally understand why so many people like it and why it has become so famous.

Well, that is all for this week’s updates! I had a lovely week, university is quite challenging and we have a lot of work but I still get to watch TV shows and read books at the end of the day and my friends at school are amazing and I’m having a blast!! My birthday was also wonderful, I had an excellent time and received lots of presents from my friends.

What about your week? How has your week been, what books did you read this week, when was the last time you bought for yourself something just to treat yourself? Leave your thoughts and share your week in the comments.



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