Top Ten Tuesday: Ten-ish Bookish Habits I Want to (or Have) Quit

Hi guys! First I’d like to apologize for not posting any Top Ten Tuesdays for the past two weeks… But here’s the newest one and at first I was struggling to find ten things to list so I could only list 9 things! But hope you guys enjoy!


So this category will be divided into two parts, Bookish Habits I Want to Quit and Bookish Habits I Have Quit.

Bookish Habits I Want to Quit

#1. Eating/Snacking While Reading.
This is something I struggle with from when I first started reading. I would read everywhere and especially during meals. When I was younger, my mom would say that I don’t eat while reading, I read while eating. But then I sort of grew out of that habit and during lunches or dinners, I won’t read books. But I’d still eat snacks or drink any kind of drinks while reading. And I know it’s a bad habit becauseย trust me, I can’t even count with my fingers the number of times I’ve spilled something or dropped some crumbs to my book or e-reader. Which sucks but I still do it all the time. Not to mention, this blog is named Tea and Paperbacks because I love drinking tea while reading.

#2. Buying Books Without Any Research and Only Because of the Cover/Summary
I’m the kind of person who don’t go to bookstores and randomly buy books that attract to my eyes, but there are times when I’d buy a book without knowing its premise, and what it’s about, and solely because of its author or bookcover or synopsis at the back. Most of the times, they actually suck. Other times I’d be lucky and get a good book that actually has a good cover, but most of the times, it’ll be a shitty one. There was even one time when I though I bought a novel, turns out it doesn’t even have a story! Yet I still never learn and still do it anyways.

#3. Not Using Bookmarks.
Sure, I have bookmarks. I have lots of them and I love them a lot. But there are moments when I’d just hold the books with other things available near me, like a piece of paper, or a piece of tissue, or a receipt, even though I love using bookmarks and I like showing them off to other people.

#4. Not Taking Care of Library Books.
This is one of my worst bookish habits I hate. I just have the feeling that when I borrow books from the library, I think that it’s not mine and so I don’t need to take any kind of care or attention to it! As a result, I’d treat the books – not in a bad way and spill coffee over it – but more of an in a careless way. I’d break its spine or put it carelessly somewhere, unlike how I treat my own books. Which is sad because they still are books and they deserve to be treated with care and love.

#5. Terrible Reading Posture.
This is another reading habit I dislike. I never really realize it, but I’d slump while I’m reading and especially in my bed. I would start by sitting up straight but in a few chapters I’d end up almost lying down. It’s unconscious but I try my best to stop it before I get a bad back or something!


#6. Not Looking Up A Word I Don’t Know.
You know that feeling when you’re reading a novel and some difficult word pops up and you just read it, know you don’t know it, and ignore it and continue reading because you’re just lazy to take a dictionary or a phone to look it up? That happens to meย all the time. Even when I’m on my Nook where you can actually just look up the word with few touches! I’m that lazy.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Bookish Habits I Have Quit

#7. Reading On The Computer
Before I got my Nook, I would read my e-books on my laptop. Which is terrible because I can’t bring them around and I would actually read them in super large letters and it hurts my eyes if I read too long. Thankfully I invested on Barnes and Noble’s Nook around 4 years ago and now here I am, I never read on laptops or phones ever again!

#8. Reading On The Car
During high school the traveling between my house and my school is more than an hour by car. In that time I would readย constantly. I had even cried a few times on the car while reading a book. It’s both great and not so great, it’s great because I actually get the time to read a huge chunk of my books there instead of just doing nothing. But it’s also not great because sometimes I’d get nauseated when reading too long in the car and that’s not a very good feeling. Now that I’m in uni and the fact that my house is like 5 minutes walking distance from school, I actually have less time, in a way, to read!

Well, I must apologize to you all because I ran out of bookish habits I have and I didn’t reach ten ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I hope you like this post and I would love to hear your own bookish habits you want to or have quit! Are any of them similar to my own? Tell me down below in the comments. Thanks for dropping by!



  1. Great list! I loved it!
    I hate reading in the car because that’s the one place that I get dizzy and sick from reading.
    I’ve also made a habit of searching up words I don’t know. Since I always have my phone near me, when I see a word I don’t know I grab my dictionary app and search it up! I love to learn the meanings to new words! ๐Ÿ˜†

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  2. I have SO many bookmarks, and they’re all…stuck to the side of my bookcase…because they are pretty and need to be displayed.
    I usually use bookstore/library receipts as bookmarks…mainly because they usually stay in the book until I read it, and I would have nothing else otherwise.

    And I could never read in the car. Now that I’m at uni I catch the train, and it’s 1 1/2 hours travel time (one way), and I can read on the train, so I get three hours of reading time just by going into uni…it’s great ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I am a victim of cover love. A big victim of cover love. Sometimes it bites me in the butt, too. Now that I’m grown, I don’t read in the car anymore, but I used too ALL the time. I’d read on the bus to and from school and in the car on our drives to Shiner, TX! Sometimes I would get sick, so I feel your pain!

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  4. I absolutely cannot read in a car. It only takes a few minutes before my stomach starts rolling. You MUST start looking up words!! Reading is such a great way of expanding your vocabulary.


  5. I never seem to use my bookmarks either. There’s always a receipt or other random piece of paper marking the spot instead. I gave up buying books altogether this year because I used to buy books without research too. This happened all the time and I realised I can’t spend that much money on books when there’s a library right next door. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought about giving myself permission to buy some books but decided not to because eventually it would have gotten out of hand. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I agree, sometimes it’s hard to flip a page while holding food! But it becomes easier when you’re using your ereader and that’s what I usually do (unfortunately).


  6. Yep I am known to use whatever is to hand as a bookmark. Size tags from clothes find their way into a book along with folded paper tissues (clean of course) and cash desk receipts. sometimes i forget to remove them before I donate the book so I can only imagine the odd expressions when the new owner comes across them

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  7. Drinking tea while reading is the beeeest; you shouldn’t quit tea ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have #2 on my list as well, so i feel you.
    And if you use paper, tissue, receipt or whatever to mark your place in a book, it is a bookmark! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My TTT ๐Ÿ™‚

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