Readathon Essentials: #48HR15 01:40hrs

It’s 10:45 am as I’m posting this post right now, which means it’s almost 2 hours into my very first readathon and I’m super pumped! And for this post I’d just like to share with you my “essentials” for this readathon, so let’s jump right into it!

2015-10-15 20.36.42 copy

#1. The Books.

I have four books in my TBR which I posted last week, and of course, this is the most essential of all the essentials. I have one ebook and three paperbacks – I was planning on choosing one audiobook but I finished the book already so I couldn’t add it to this readathon. I started by reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and reached page 84 (the fifth short story, I think?) and I changed books to Case Histories and so far I’m still only on the third chapter on page 54. So far so good!

#2. Sustenance

The second most important thing I need for a readathon is of course, fooooooood. I love snacking while reading, and in this readathon, I feel like I really need even more snacks and food to get my readathon mood up! For today, I have stocked up some snacks, such as these babies over here: cookies and tea!

2015-10-19 08.55.36 copy

Another thing I didn’t take a picture of is a brand called Verkade which I think is sold only in Netherlands? But anyway it’s one of my favourite snacks for late at night, it’s basically a biscuit with chocolate on top it’s absolutely delicious and I can’t get enough of it! The next one is obviously another tasty treat I really enjoy eating while doing basically anything but mostly while reading and watching TV, and it’s cookies yay! Again, I love snacking, and when I’m in the mood for something crunchy and sweet I’ll immediately go with this baby.

And of course, just like the title of my blog, another thing I love to have right next to me when reading is tea! For this morning I made an earl grey tea from Marks and Spencer. It tastes like dark tea and I love sipping it while it’s still really hot, and as a tea lover, I enjoy reading books even more when I’m drinking my cup of steaming tea.

#3. Fluffiness.

As an Asian living in Europe for the first time, this time of the month is already too cold for me. And I love to bundle myself with lots of layers and fluffiness and just curl up with a good book, and this readathon is not exception!

I have my super cozy socks on and I’m wearing my favourite hoodie that is super warm and comfy and I have this blanket around my shoulders that I absolutely love and it just makes me feel much more excited to read more.

Well, that is all for my first update on the readathon, I’m super excited to continue the book I’m reading, hoping I can finish it soon! I’ll see you again on my next update in several hours. Don’t forget to follow me on my Goodreads and Tumblr where I will also be updating regularly. Happy reading, and wish me luck!


Hours since started: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Books finished: none
Pages read: 54 + 84 = 138
Cookies consumed: 3
Cups of tea consumed: 2



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