First Day Recap: Tea and Paperbacks’s #48HR15 26:20hrs

Can’t believe it’s already been 24 hours, which means I’m more than halfway towards the end of my readathon! Here are the updates of the first day:


I sadly didn’t read much because I went away from the house to do some work with my friends, and then I spent the night at their house which means I didn’t read before I sleep like I usually do. Which is sad and it’s a major drawback since I initially thought I’d be able to spend the day just reading and I thought I’d be able to finish at least one book today, but I didn’t. But I’m still keeping positive, I still have more than 20 hours to go before the readathon ends!

Hours since started: 26 hours and 20 minutes
Currently reading: Blind Willow Sleeping Woman and Finding Audrey (set aside Case Histories for now because it has way too many pages)
Pages read: 138 + 46 = 184
Number of cookies consumed: At least 3
Slices of cake consumed: Most definitely more than 7
Cups of tea consumed: 3


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