Sunday Updates: Amsterdam!

Hi guys and welcome to another post of my weekly meme: Sunday Updates. Here I just update you guys with what I’ve got going on and what I did or buy or saw this week.

So this week is super tiring – I had my first test in university on Wednesday so on Monday and Tuesday I pretty much didn’t do anything except study. But then from Thursday to Sunday I have the days off because the teachers are busy grading our papers!

On the weekdays I didn’t do anything much, I stayed at home and read. Book-wise, it wasn’t a very successful week. I’m currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, a humongous book that I borrowed from the school library. It’s really interesting and I love the characters, especially Henry, who reminded me of Gansey from The Raven Boys. Anyway, I’m almost halfway through the book at the moment. Really engrossing book.


Then on Wednesday and Thursday, although I didn’t do anything much except hang out at my friends’s home and eat junk food, I also watched some movies! I watched Spectre at the cinema on Wednesday – I wasn’t a huge James Bond fan but my friends urged me to come with them and I just couldn’t resist. The movie was alright – I like the action and Daniel Craig is just gorgeous but after I thought about it again it felt like the movie lacked something. The villain had no serious motive, the main characters didn’t really show their depth and we didn’t really connect or relate to them, not even Bond like we did on the previous movie. Also the plot was weird, it was a long movie but I felt like it wasn’t satisfying. But I still enjoyed it and it was still a good movie to watch.

cover1   cover2

Then on Thursday I watched V for Vendetta, which was a rewatch because I watched it last year on November the 5th to match the occasion and I did it again this year! It’s an amazing movie, I love the dialogues and the whole story itself.


Then on Saturday, my friends and I went to Amsterdam! I was so excited – it was the first time I went there and I was mostly excited because I get to go to the museums and spend a whole day with a friend of mine just looking at amazing pieces of art! We went to the Van Gogh Museum and luckily we arrived early, at 9.30-ish and it wasn’t that crowded. Not to mention we had our museumkaart so we could enter for free! Fun tip for you guys visiting the museums in Amsterdam: arrive early, because it gets really, really crowded.

Anyway, the art inside was amazing. My favourites were probably Van Gogh’s paintings that involve nature and sceneries – his paintings made several years before he died were for me my favourite. They were more colorful and really feel like was painted full of heart and soul. I love all the exhibitions and collections in there, and all in all we spent over 3 hours inside the museum, just browsing around. Another fun tip: buy the multimedia tour so you can listen to extra information from the exhibition, it’s quite fun and informative.

sunday3   sunday4

I also bought two gorgeous bookmarks – it has now been my new hobby to collect bookmarks from different museums I’ve visited – one of the Almond Blossom painting and another of the Head of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette which was one of my favourite paintings in the exhibition as well. By the way – these pictures were taken illegally, because you’re actually not allowed to take pictures of the paintings inside. But I trust you guys to not tell anyone, okay? *wink wink*

After the Van Gogh museum we went to Dam Square, which is like the central of the city, to meet with our other friends and had an amazing lunch and walked around the city, looking at shops and people. It was super crowded – way different from the city where I live, The Hague. But we had a great time, and by the time we got home, which was around 9 pm, we were exhausted and my feet were hurting me. But I had an amazing time, it was super fun and I can’t wait to go back there and visit more museums!

What books did you read this week? Have you been to the Van Gogh Museum? Have you ever been to Amsterdam before? Tell me about your week on the comments!



  1. V For Vendetta is one of my favourite movies ever!! I had to watch it for my English class in high school to analyse it, and I fell in love with it!
    And Amsterdam sounds lovely, especially the Van Gogh museum! 😍

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  2. Amsterdam is a wonderful city, even if you don’t go into the museums. I love just wandering the streets along the canals and then nipping into one of the coffee houses when it gets too cold. The Van Gogh museum has just re-opened I think about a big refurbishment?

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