Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Families

Happy Tuesday everyone! How’s everyone week doing? I had a wonderful time last week, I spent a lot of time with my friends and I remember laughing a lot and just having a lot of time. Reading-wise, it’s not a very good week. I’m still reading the same two books I read last week and progress has been slow. Nevertheless, let’s talk about this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! For this week, the topic is Thanksgiving, and one of the ideas for this week’s topic is fictional families you’d love to spend thanksgiving with. Now from where I come from we don’t really spend Thanksgiving together or even celebrate it, but I love the element of family in books. And here are some of my favourite fictional families, from movies, TV shows and movies!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

#10. The Pelekais (Lilo & Stitch)

Lilo and Stitch is one of my favourite movies as a child. And I love the sisterly relationship between Lilo and Nani, and how their family got bigger with the addition of Stitch and Jumba and Pleakley. I’d love to just chill with them on the beach and eat pizza and play in the sand with Stitch.

#9. The Bennets (Pride and Prejudice)


Ever since I read the book and watched the movie, I’ve really wondered what it’ll be like to live in a large family. I love the dynamics in the Bennets family, how they’re so loud and comfortable with each other and despite the fact that they’re not wealthy or famous, they still love each other.

#8. The Shelbys (Peaky Blinders)


Okay, I just finished the last episode of this series last week and I’m still in love with the characters. I both love and hate the Shelbys but they’re so sophisticated and rich that having dinner with them would probably be excellent. And there’ll probably be a lot of smoking and drinking. At least I’ll get to meet Tommy Shelby *melts*

#7. The Pevensies (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The four siblings of the Pevensies are just adorable. I’d love to have a big brother like Peter, and it’ll be super nice to sit down and eat dinner with them, just the food itself would probably be amazing because they’ll be the kings and queens of Narnia.

#6. Merida’s Family (Brave)


Another Disney movie, but I just can’t help it. I love the red-headed family from Brave, and dinner with them would probably be super chaotic with the loud father and the super messy triplet who won’t be able to stop moving for more than one minute.

#5. The Fowls (Artemis Fowl series)

I just can’t help but love rich families! I’m sure dinner with Artemis and his parents would be super awkward unless we’re talking about complex things like time travel or money, but with the addition of Myles and Beckett and maybe Juliet and Butler I’ll definitely have a lovely evening with excellent high class food.

#4. The Lannisters (A Song of Ice and Fire series)

Spending dinner with the Lannisters will probably be frightening but also exciting. I’d love to sit and drink wine and eat all the amazing food in their world and spend time with Tyrion and Jaime and Cersei. Perfect.

#3. The Potters (Harry Potter series)

Most people would probably mention The Weasleys as the most famous family from Harry Potter, so I thought about something different and just because I just really really like Harry as a character, I think I would really enjoy having dinner with the Potters in the epilogue of the last book. To be able to talk to Harry and Ginny and see them as parents with their happy family and maybe with Teddy as well, it’ll be the best day of my life.

#2. The Pritchetts (Modern Family)


I love this show and it’s mostly because I love the characters in it. I’ve only recently started watching the show, but I have been so hooked ever since. I particularly really like Phil Dunphy because he’sΒ so hilarious. But I just think it’ll be super fun to have dinner with them, seeing them having so much fun and having alot of dinners together throughout the years.

#1. The Winchesters (Supernatural)


Supernatural has been my favourite show for over a year now. It gives me so much feels and I love Sam and Dean. I wouldn’t mind having dinner with also their parents and maybe even Bobby or Cas, but just a simple dinner in a motel with the brothers would be awesome too, filled with the boys’ bickering and general cuteness.

What about you guys? Which fictional families would you like to spend dinner with? Let me know your thoughts on the comments πŸ˜‰

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  1. A fantastic list! I forgot about the Fowls and the Pevensies. I don’t think I could cope with the Lannisters. They’d definitely start arguing while you nervously play around with your food and stare at your plate!

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  2. THIS POST IS SO GREAT! The Lannisters! Come to think of it, you’re right about how interesting a meeting with them would be. Cersei and Jaime would be giving each other bedroom eyes while Tyrion tries not to call them out on it, and you’d just sit there basking in the awkward glory of it all. It’s brilliant.

    And who WOULDN’T want to spend some time with Sam and Dean? heart eyes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I love the Lannisters, especially Tyrion. And the Winchesters make my heart melt, I’d probably spend the whole dinner just staring at their handsomeness πŸ˜…


  3. Great dinner guest list! My daughter loves Lilo & Stitch. I can only imagine what kind of chaos dinner guest Stitch would be. LOL
    If I got to pick a fictional family to have dinner with it …I’d go with Susan’s Fanetti’s motorcycle romance books (the Horde family would make for lively guest).
    My TTT –

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  4. Oh my gosh, I love how this is from a mix of various entertainment. Modern Family! ❀ And I totally love the Bennet family despite the drama and many siblings (I’m an only child so I wouldn’t be used to sharing and all that, heh). πŸ˜‰

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  5. I agree with basically everything on this list! Meridith’s family would be chaotic, but that would make it great. And Lilo and Stich have the cutest family, I bet they would celebrate really well. I don’t know if I can agree with the Fowls, because Artemis would be so intimidating… Depending on when in the series we got to meet him πŸ™‚
    Thanks for visiting Addlepates and Book Nerds πŸ™‚

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    1. Yay another Artemis fan! Yeah in the beginning of the series he’d probably make fun of my low IQ… But later on in the series he might want to actually have a nice conversation! ☺️

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  6. Sitting down for a meal with The Pritchetts would be absolutely amazing! I love that show. Phil is such a dad, haha. All the dad jokes! ❀

    The Potters were actually going to be my answer too for TTT, but I decided to do a different topic! You’re absolutely right though that the Weasleys are probably most people’s first thought.

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  7. I’d definitely be up for spending any day (no matter which) with the Winchesters! And the Potters of course. BUT THE WINCHESTERS. Especially Dean. If I were to have dinner with the Lannisters, I’d be too afraid to eat or drink for fear of poison. You just never know with those people.

    Amazing list! πŸ˜€

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    1. I know right??? But I love Sam more and it’ll be awesome to be able to spend time with him. Hahaha true I forgot about how I should be careful when dining with the Lannisters!


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