One Sentence Wednesdays: The Namesake

One Sentence Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Books and Messy Buns where you have to pick up a book you are currently reading, think about what it made you feel so far and describe it in one sentence.


This week I’m drowning in the beautiful words of Jhumpa Lahiri. I’m reading The Namesake along with several other bloggers (here’s our Goodreads group if you want to join) and it’s been super fun! I’ve never readalong with anyone before and it’s nice to be able to share your thoughts on the book while reading it to the people currently reading the same book as well.

My sentence about the book so far is:

A beautifully written and very relatable book that touches my heart because of its great story.

So in case you didn’t notice, I love this book! You should all read it if you haven’t. And for those of you who have, do you agree about my thoughts on the book? Let me know what you think in the comments!




    1. It’s about an Indian boy who was born in England and named Gogol from his father’s favourite writer and while growing up he hated that name. I’m terrible at summaries but so far the story is about this boy and his namesake, just like the title. It’s really good! 😀

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