2016 (Bookish) Resolutions!

Happy (late) Christmas everyone! How has your holiday been? The year 2015 was amazing, I read quite a lot of books and I created this blog which motivates me more about reading books. For now, I will talk about my resolutions for 2016! Obviously these are related to books and this book blog itself. I’m hoping at the end of the year 2016 I’ll look back at this post and see how I completed every single on of these resolutions. Fingers crossed I do!


Read a total of 55Β books.

Increasing my goal from 49 book which was my goal in 2015, I’d like to push myself slightly harder and I hope I can reach that number this year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.02.34 PM copy

Borrow more books from the library.

I love libraries. They’re cheaper than buying books and you don’t have the responsibility of owning your own books. And my university library has quite a lot of interesting books I can borrow from. I’d love to read more books from the library next year.


Post at least twice a week on the blog.

I love blogging in this book blog. It’s so fun and I have a ton of ideas I want to write about and I hope I can continue being active in this blog.

Reach 500 followers on this blog.

This isn’t a very important goal of mine – it doesn’t really matter how many followers I have, but it’ll be super great if I’d reach a good amount of followers for the blog, it means that there are people who are actually interested in my thoughts. I hope I can also inspire more people to read more books!


Read at least 2 hours a week.

I recently downloaded an app on my phone called Focus Timer which records the time you take to do stuff. It’s mostly meant for studying but I use it for reading. Every time I read a book, I’d open the app and I’ll turn my phone downwards and the timer will turn on. It’s really effective to show me how many hours I read each day and week, and so far my average is around 2 hours per week depending on my mood. I’d love to increase that number in the next year.

Explore different genres.

I love exploring different genres. I try not to read only YA novels or only crime novels. I just want to branch out and explore genres that I might like or dislike. But you’ll never know until you try, am I right?


Write more book reviews.

Book reviews have fewer views on blogs like these, but I still really like making them. That way I can really put out my full thoughts and feelings on a book and in the future I can look back and reread how that book made me feel when I’ve sort of forgotten. I think it is also a great way to recommend books to other people.

Join more readathons.

I’ve only been in one readathon so far but I love them. They just make you feel so motivated and pumped and I just love it! I already have a readathon planned for the month of January and hopefully I’ll be able to do some every two months and even host more readathons in 2016!


What about you guys? Any particular plans for your reading and blogging life in 2016? Let me know your 2016 resolutions, both in life in general and also bookish resolutions!



  1. I love libraries too! I have cards at 4 different libraries (in 2 states!) and use them all regularly–which does occasionally lead to confusion with returning books. And that’s not to mention interlibrary loan, which is a wonderful service my university library provides for faculty. I’m determined to take more advantage of it this year to cut down some on my book spending. Thanks for sharing the Focus Timer app! I’m going to try it out myself and definitely recommend it to my students. I require them to mostly read for homework in a couple of my classes and this would be an easy way for them to track their hours each week.

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  2. Blog and blog! It’s one of my resolutions this year as well. When I started blogging, I sort of forgot to blog and the blog went blank for about a year.

    Good luck with the blogging! And the reading! Let’s complete these resolutions by the end of the year~

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  3. Hey, Ayunda!

    Can I just tell you how awesome your blog is and your 2016 resolutions are so fun!

    I think libraries are a good source of books and they are cheaper than buying books! However the ones in Malaysia don’t really stock up on fiction, much less, YA.

    All the best for your 2016, Ayunda! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much! I love libraries, I used to live in Indonesia and I agree about the amount of public libraries in these countries.
      Best of luck for you too in 2016!


  4. That app to time how long you read sounds like an interesting idea! I might consider doing something similar πŸ™‚
    While i’m here, i added you on goodreads, instagram and twitter; hope that’s okay! πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m a fan of anyone who makes a pledge to use libraries. They’re an endangered species unfortunately here in the uk now. I haven’t decided on my resolutions yet but they wil probably involve reading the books I already own

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    1. I love libraries!!! Especially because I am a college student with very few money and I just can’t afford to buy books ever single month like a lot of people do. We all need to revive the love for libraries ok ❀


  6. Wow these are great resolutions! Good luck with them! (: I really want to post more on my blog and have a regular schedule xD but other than that, my goal is to always read more books than the year before ^^

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