Bout of Books 15 Updates: Day 5 & 6

Oh no! One more day before the readathon ends! I can’t believe it’s already almost been a week. I feel like I need more time to reach my goals that I set up at the beginning of the readathon. But here are my not so interesting updates on the fifth and sixth day.

Day Five

Number of pages read: 52 pages of Scarlet
Time spent reading: 35 mins

Day Six

Number of pages read: 0
Time spent reading: 0

Books finished so far: 1
Pages read so far: 679 pgs

On Friday and Saturday I did basically no reading. I started Friday at uni, doing usual stuff and I planned on going home early to read but I ended up baking macarons at my friend’s house and then spent the night there. On Saturday we went to a party but we were also a member of the committee who was in charge of organizing the party, so we spent basically the whole day planning the party. I went home at midnight and didn’t have the time or effort to read a single page, which was sad because I was really in the mood for Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and I would’ve been able to finish the book that day.

Planning on doing a lot more reading this Sunday!For more regular updates, follow me on Twitter and Goodreads!



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