Snow, Sky and Lemon-haired Boys: The Book Thief Book Review

The Cologne sky was yellow and rotting, flaking at the edges.

What does the sky look like today? Ask Liesel Meminger and she’d probably spin a torrent of beautiful sounding words and metaphors just for today’s sky. The words and metaphors used in The Book Thief  is one of the small reasons why I love this book so much.

Title: The Book Thief
Author: Markus Zusak
Publisher: Black Swan
Date Published: 2005
Num of Pages: 560
Date Read: 27th December, 2015
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The Book Thief is a historical fiction novel written by Markus Zusak set in Germany during the second World War. Of course, a lot of you have probably already read the book by now. But if you haven’t, don’t think that this novel is just another one of those sad, depressing novels about war and death and hopelessness. This is a book that is different from anything I have ever read.

cover4First of all, what I really love about The Book Thief is how different and unique it is. I love how it was written through Death’s narrative. In most books the writers won’t reveal some major spoiler until it actually happened, but in this book Death would just casually mention what happens to who, chapters before it actually occurred. Another thing I loved so much about this book is the small sections between the paragraphs that show a random word or situation. It’s so unique and interesting to read.

thBut for the story itself, the book starts with Liesel and her journey into being an orphan, and eventually a book thief. I really liked Liesel. I don’t usually like children in real life, but I seemed to really like Liesel and I’d probably love her and give her a huge hug if I met her. I adored her parents as well. Some other writer would make the parents the regular, loving and kind parents but in this book you see two very different parents. The father is a gentle and kindhearted man who was able to soften up Liesel. Meanwhile the mother is stern and mean, and most of the times she doesn’t even show any kind of affection towards Liesel. But you could tell that she loves Liesel as much as her father does. It shows a really fun dynamic between the characters.

Then of course, there’s Rudy. I loved Rudy, and his friendship with Liesel. It’s adorable and honest and innocent and it breaks my heart. The other characters, like Death or Max, were all very fun to read and I really liked how they are more than just a two-dimensional character.

I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.

I found this book to be a very fun in some parts, but also deep in others. I adored the whole message it gave to us the readers, about the part of war that is seen from the perspective of the “being” that is most involved (Death), but also from the perspective of a child who is not one of the groups of people who are in danger during that time, but still shows the effect of war towards children like Liesel. This book also teaches us to look in the bright side, to keep on hoping and fighting for life.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.31.28 PM

Now moving on to a little movie review, I watched the movie adaptation with the same title a few weeks after reading the book. I thought it was a decent adaptation. It was beautifully shot, I love the actors especially Liesel, I thought she did a great job. It also made me cry, although not as much as I did while reading the book, but still enough.

All in all, The Book Thief was a unique and mesmerizing novel, filled with heartbreaking parts and excellent characters. It was no wonder that so many people loved it so much. If you’re looking for an inspiring, lovely, tear-jerking read, then go ahead and pick this one up.

4.5 stars




  1. I was aware that The Book Thief was loved, surrounded by hype—so I purchased it, about a year ago—but I’m yet to read it. I think this probably came from the fact I didn’t know much about it, besides it was set during the war. I didn’t know Death narrated it, nor that it laid out the outcomes of the characters, which both would be interesting and different to read. So, that’s next on the list. You’ve convinced me. 🙂

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