Buying/Reading New Releases?

Last week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday got me thinking very deeply about something that I have probably realised in a long time. How often does one buy and read books that are newly released? Why? So I decided to discuss this with you guys, and let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!


Okay, so let’s go to our Goodreads page and count how many books we read in 2015 that were actually released in 2015. My count might surprise you all: I only read 2 books in 2015 that were published in that same year. That is only 4% of all the books I read! Now I am probably one of the minority in the book blogging community that has this kind of situation. I’ve seen that so many of you read books that were released only months or even weeks before. And it’s totally fine. But I just keep thinking, why?


One of the factors why I read so little new releases is of course, the most important factor: Money. I just don’t have the money to buy a full-priced book, which is usually a hard cover, that might probably cost almost half of the original price when I buy it the next year or later than that. Or I might wait for a few years until I can buy them secondhand for even cheaper! I know some of you would respond with, “Well Ayunda, if it’s the last book in a series and you’ve been anticipating this book for over four years, of course you’re gonna buy it without thinking of the price!” And I totally understand. Which leads me to my second point.

Anticipation. I think it is one of the main reasons why many of you bloggers buy a newly released book. You’ve heard so many people talk about the ARC maybe, or the book has been released for several months and all those times you’ve seen countless posts in your Reader of people talking about that book. And of course there’s also that factor of the book being a part of a series. I personally already have one book I know I will buy this year right after it is released, and I didn’t really care about the price because it’s the last book in one of my favourite series.
But when I think about it, the hype factor can also be a downfall to the book. I might see that single book everywhere in the internet, and it makes me want to buy the book less and less. So it basically depends.

What’s the difference anyway? I mean, when you actually consider it, I don’t even know why so many people are excited to buy newly released books. What is the difference between a book released in 2015 with a book released in 2000? My next favourite book might be a book released a day before I bought it, or ten years. It doesn’t really matter. The quality of a book is not affected by its publication year. So this could be one of the reasons why I always put off buying books that are newly released. I keep thinking, why buy it now when it’s still expensive and too hyped-up? I can just buy or read it in a year or so. The book itself will not change.
And I have actually done that in the past year. In 2015, I read 3 books that were released in 2014. And two of them were part of a series that I have loved and anticipated for years, but I put off buying them to wait for the lower price. Still a very low count – most of the books I read were still published in the 2000s but not as recent as many people’s bookshelves.


So in conclusion, I have nothing against newly released books. I love them. I see them all the time in the Booktube and book blogging community, and obviously on bookstores every time I browse through them. Half of the books I see constantly in the internet are in my TBR because I really do want to read them. But I just prefer reading books that were not recently released because of its cost and anticipation.


What about you? How often do you buy and read newly released books? Do you have any preference? Do you agree with any of the points I discussed above? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions here!

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  1. I completely agree with your points, especially money, of course! The only time I splurge on a new book is if I know I absolutely HAVE to have it. These are rare and far in between. Other times, if it’s a new release that I know I’m not going to NEED to own or if I’m afraid it won’t live up to its hype, I’ll check to see what my Library has.That way, if I’m disappointed I’m not out any money and I can just return the book. That way too, if I do end up really liking it, I can buy my own copy when I either find it cheap or can afford a splurge. Great post!

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  2. Great question!
    I don’t buy books often so I’m not really the right person to answer your questions! I tend to buy books from my library’s sales so those are older books. But I read a lot of library books, and quite a few of them are new releases, whether printed copies or ebooks. I feel like last year I read more new releases, maybe because a lot of the book bloggers I follow seem to be geared towards those. So yup, peer pressure! 😛
    This year though, I am thinking of heading back to the past and reading books that are older than me. And I don’t mean the real classics but books published in the 1970s, 1960s.

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    1. Same here, from reading different book blogs I kind of feel pressured to read new releases.
      I love reading books that are older than me! Like I said in the post, just because a book is old doesn’t mean it’s not good 😁

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  3. I usually have to wait a while when buying a newly released book because of money, which is probably a good thing because it makes me think about how much I actually want it. If I still want it months later, great- I’ll buy it! Plus I only ever buy paperbacks if I can help it, so a lot of the time I have to wait aaaaaages for them to be released in paperback. But I also know that there’s a few books coming out this year that I’ll be getting as soon as they’re released! Not many in comparison with the rest of my books though.

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  4. This is a really interesting topic of discussion. I mostly agree- I don’t feel the need to buy newly released books most of the time- I only buy it sometimes when I’m feeling really impatient to read the next instalment or if there’s a deal on it. Otherwise I can wait. The other issue is if you read books after the hype they can be a bit of a letdown- that being said you’re a hundred percent right that this doesn’t actually affect the quality of the book. In fact, although I say that overhyped books are bad cos they’re a letdown, if I’m honest that’s just my way of trying to be generous about books I didn’t like
    Sorry for rambling- these posts are great- they really get me thinking!

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    1. It’s okay for rambling, I love reading different thoughts from different people!
      I hate being let down by hyped books – sometimes they’re not even overhyped, just talked about quite a lot and I’d still have expectations for it.

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  5. I like this question! I never really thought out it much, myself.

    I cheat a little bit with this, when a new book is coming out and I either don’t have the money to spare for it or I just don’t want to purchase it (because I might want the paperback for one reason or another), I’ll reserve a copy at my library or try to snatch the digital copy off my library’s app and just read it that way. Sometimes the wait is really long, but I still usually end up getting my hands on it before I bother to purchase it. I do like reading new releases, though! I think it’s because I like to get my nose in before I can accidentally possibly catch a spoiler or hear word of how the book is, so that my own opinion isn’t at chance of being skewed. There’s also a better chance for me to discuss the book with someone who’s just finished it themselves, since, you’re right, so many people like to get their hands on books right when they’re released.

    8 of my 50 books I read last year were published in 2015, but I physically own 3 of them. The rest were from the library!

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    1. Great tip, borrowing from the library! My library mostly has old books so I can’t have that privilege. But I know what you mean about not wanting to get spoilers for the book as well 😁

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  6. I mostly read backlist books too, because that’s what I already have on my shelves and what’s available in my local bookstores. If I really want a newer release I’ll have to order it online, which I sometimes do, but effort XD I think a lot of bloggers like getting their hands on new and popular releases because it, naturally, brings traffic to their blogs.

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  7. I am kind of with you on the cost issue; I’ll only buy a brand new book if I really want to read it. I also have the problem that I don’t really like reading hardbacks so I’ll wait for the cheaper paperback anyway; I read in bed and if I fall asleep while reading a hardback I’m in danger of doing myself a serious injury!

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