TBR Unhaul!!!

Good evening everyone! What is a TBR Unhaul, you all might ask? Well this post came to me a few days ago when I accidentally clicked on my Book Depository wishlist and realized that I had over 350 book in there. I then went to my Goodreads account and guess what? I have 140 books in my TBR shelf! And I never have that many books in my TBR before, since I rarely ever add books to my to-read shelf.

So, I have decided sort through both of these TBR lists to weed out the books that I might not really want or need, and have less books in my wishlist! And in this post I’ll be showing you the books I removed from these shelves. Keep in mind that I don’t own any of these books, they were either in my to-buy list or in a list of ebooks I owned.

cover3 cover6 cover26

cover20 cover23 cover24

cover21 cover34 cover4

cover11 cover14 cover19

cover1 cover2 cover9

cover32 cover5 cover13

cover18 cover22 cover12

cover17 cover15 cover25

cover7 cover30 cover31

cover35 cover29 cover10

cover28 cover33

cover16 cover8

I don’t wanna get into detail for all the books I showed above, because it’ll be a super long post if I do. But just to highlight, you might see some familiar faces: first books in a series (in which I’ve decided not to start those series since I have so many series I haven’t even finished) such as Outlander and A Darker Shade of Magic; books I wanted to read just because of the gorgeous cover such as Panther in the Hive and Alice; and books that were overhyped that I lost interest in such as Throne of Glass and Rebel Belle.

What about you guys? Do you ever sort through your TBR shelf and remove some of the books because you’ve realized that you don’t really want to read and buy that book anymore? Did you like any the books I showed above and want to persuade me to put them back into my TBR shelf again? How many books are in your TBR shelf? Leave me your thoughts in the comments and let’s share the books we wanna read!

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PS: I tried to arrange the covers based on color and it sort of worked – let me know what you thought about the cover colors and which ones are your favourite covers!



  1. So I actually do these Goodreads unhauls quite frequently but I’m still almost at 1000 books on my TBR, so definitely don’t feel bad about those 140 books, Ayunda! 😉 A number of these are actually still on my TBR (Angelfall, Throne of Glass, Alice, My Heart and Other Black Holes, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Diviners) and I don’t plan to get rid of them since I do already own them in physical form. And it makes me a little sad to see VA on here since it’s my favorite vampire series of all time and I’m like this huge vampire enthusiast (I’ve read like every vampire book out there-not counting ones in the erotica genre, of course, since those aren’t for me). But if you’ve lost interest, I can understand! 🙂

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    1. The original number felt so high for me personally! I rarely buy books so none of these books I own in physical form, but looking at all the titles digitally is enough to make me wanna tidy up 😂
      I’m just not in the mood for a Ya series, but maybe I’ll give VA a try if my mood is back!

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  2. I love the feeling of cleaning up my TBR. It’s literally like taking the weight of the world off your shoulders. I need to do this soon again, especially because I physically unhauled a ton of books that I was never going to read. It’s time to make Goodreads match!

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  3. SO MANY BOOKS! I guess it can feel lightening when you unhaul so many books! I don’t blame you for unhauling them as it can get very overwhelming with so many on your to buy list.
    I just keep a mental TBR list in my head hahaha!


  4. I seriously need a good unhaul myself one day, but I am not quite ready to face the fact that I have to quit so many series just yet haha. Great post and I commend your strength for letting go of so many books at once XD

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  5. I basically went down the list going BUT THAT’S SUCH A GOOD BOOK, but I get about feeling overwhelmed about your TBR pile, especially when it gets pretty big. My PHYSICAL TBR pile is like monstrously huge, and that alone can get overwhelming.

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  6. I do this all the time! But somehow I still have 564 books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads…lol!
    And I agree with you about Throne of Glass–totally overhyped IMO although people seem to really love it.

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