Dead Kings, Magical Forests, and Kisses: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater Book Review

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater is, as you all have probably know, the last book in the four-book series, The Raven Cycle. As most of you probably know as well, I am a huge fan of Maggie Stiefvater. I’ve read all her books except one, and I was so devoted to this series. It’s such a sad thing to see the series end, and I rated this book really high, but I did have some problems with it. Here are my thoughts.


Warning that this review might contain spoilers to this book and the previous books of the series.

Let’s start with the things that I loved about this book: the characters. Oh my God, if you ask me why I love this series so much, I’d answer with the characters. Stiefvater has this way of crafting unique and human characters and make you fall in love head over heels for them. I love everyone from the gang – my favourite is probably Gansey, and in this book Gansey just breaks my heart. But I love all the other members of the gang as well. I love the development of Adam’s character, from when we read him in the first book to where he is now in the epilogue. I adore Blue, she’s like my heroine and I love how Stiefvater created an embodiment of women’s strength through Blue, not in a typical young-adult way, but in her own unique way.
“I don’t care to be pretty,” Blue shot back hotly, “I care to look on the outside like I look on the inside.”

I adore the relationship between the characters as well. Gansey and Blue has been a huge ship for me, but in this book, Pynch shines above them. They make me smile and cry, they are the cutest things in the world and I want the two of them to grow old and have babies and make each other happy forever and ever!!! Other than that, Blue and Ronan’s friendship, Gansey and Adam’s relationship, and all the other side characters were so fun to read. Even so, I sort of felt like the villain of the book, the demon, but also Piper, was not very real to me. They didn’t feel too villain-y. And other relationships that we saw a lot in the previous books, like Blue and Maura’s, or Maura and the Grey Man’s, and the addition of some side characters I liked but didn’t really care about (Henry Cheng), weren’t really done well. I missed the banter and love between Blue and the ladies from 300 Fox Way, and the interesting relationship between those ladies with the Raven Boys.
Adam smiled cheerily. Ronan would start wars and burn cities for that true smile, elastic and amiable.

Anyways, moving on to the plot. This book was not as slow as a lot of Stiefvater’s other books. It flowed awesomely, but at the last parts I sort of felt like the climax was sort of an anticlimax, and the real climax fell a little flat. Even so, the execution was done well and the ending, felt a lot like the ending of The Legend of Korra, where I expected more of the ending of The Last Airbender – if you understand what I sort of mean. I have not problems with how the series ended, though. I thought it was lovely, where everyone ended up.

Another thought I had while reading the book was the writing style. I could cry from Stiefvater’s amazing narration. Some parts, were so lovely and I just want to quote the words over and over again. And can I just say, Stiefvater makes THE BEST KISS SCENES EVER! From the “not-really-kiss” scene in the previous book, to this PHENOMENAL and so anticipated kiss scene, they were both so different to each other but also to any other kiss scenes I’ve read, but also written so uniquely that it’s not like a normal descriptive writing, but like a piece of poem that you want to cut out and glue in your bed so you can read it every day. I just love them so much!!!

Title: The Raven King
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Date Published: April 2016
Num of Pages: 439
Date Read: 25th May, 2016
Goodreads Link

To be honest I don’t really have that many things to say about this book. I have loved the characters for so long, and I sort of knew that I would love it no matter what. And although there were some problems, a few plotholes, and some things I’d like to change, so many aspects of the book was just so beautiful that I can’t help giving it a 4.5 stars.

4.5 stars




  1. Great review! It’s weird, I’ve been hearing some mixed things about this. I JUST read a review that said the characters didn’t get the justice they deserved (esp. Gansey), and that it was very slow. But I’ve also seen a barrage of 5-star reviews. I’m so conflicted. I have to get to it ASAP.

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    1. I really liked it myself. I felt like the characters weren’t themselves as they were in the previous books, but in the end I thought this last book was very well executed. You should read it soon!!!


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