Tome Topple Readathon: TBR & Goals! #TomeTopple

Hello fellow book lovers, welcome back to my blog Tea and Paperbacks, new posts every Monday! Readathons are very well known in the bookish community as a fast, short-lived, moment where you fight to read as many books as you can in a certain amount of time. Well, I was chilling in my bed, browsing through my Youtube subscription, and I stumbled across Thoughts on Tome‘s (who has an amazing channel btw) readathon announcement of a readathon she created herself: the Tome Topple Readathon!

The concept of this readathon was super unique and I was immediately like, hell yeah I’m gonna join! In this readathon, your goal is not to finish as many books as possible, but to read as many big books as possible. It’s so opposite to a lot of other readathons – on most readathons, people would pick a pile of small books. In this readathon, you can read one, you can read two books, it doesn’t really matter, because what really matters is the number of pages you read instead of the number of books. So I have chosen several books over 500 pages that I could read.

This readathon takes place for two weeks, from June 5th to June 19th, so it’s already starting today. I’m super excited – I have a lot of books in mind and some goals to reach, so let’s get going!

To Be Read


All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Number of pages: 530

As part of the Book Basilisks Book Club group read, and also a very popular book in the book blogging community, this book has had a lot of great reviews. I’ve been very intrigued to read it and I can’t wait to get into the flow of this story and have a great time during the readathon.


Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Number of pages: 620

I borrowed this book from the library on a whim because I’ve never read it before, I totally don’t remember the movie at all, I am going to Italy this summer and I want to read books set in Italy. I didn’t even look at the page number, but when I saw it I was like, oh great, this could be a book for the readathon! So it is 🙂


  • Read 1 hour a day in average
  • Read a total of 800 pages
  • Post an update post on this blog at the midway point
  • Regularly update my reading progress on Tumblr and Goodreads

So, those are my plans for the readathon! I hope I can keep up the spirit throughout the whole two weeks – I do have a lot of schoolwork at that time, and even a final exam on the last week, but hopefully afterwards I can read more! Wish me luck, and let me know some books over 500 pages that you are intimidated to read. And if you’re joining the readathon as well, don’t hesitate to share to me your TBR post 🙂

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  1. Ah, I wish I saw this read-a-thon earlier! I am always on the lookout for summer read-a-thons since it’s when I have the most free time. I do wish you luck though! I’ve wanted to read All the Light We Cannot See for a while now so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it :).

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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  2. I love the inverted nature of this readathon, how it focuses more on pages and big novels than the easier, shorter books that usually dominate my readathon TBRs. I think that All the Light We Cannot See is a great pick for a readathon because it’s captivating and the writing is very fluid and can therefore be read quickly and easily. Best of luck, and happy reading! 🙂

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  3. Finals, school work and two big tomes?!!! Best of luck on all those. I wanted to participate in this readathon because it’s longer but unfortunately, I won’t have time.

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    1. Hahahaha I know, it’s like one huge hectic month for me and I can’t believe I decided to join this readathon among all the things I have to do!!! Wish me luck 😁


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