Tome Topple Readathon: Midpoint Updates! #TomeTopple

Can’t believe it’s already halfway through the readathon now! For those of you who don’t know already, the Tome Topple Readathon is a readathon hosted by Thoughts on Tome and it’s about reading huge books! It’s a super fun readathon that is different from the others, and I have had a lot of fun doing it.

My updates can be found in my blog at Tumblr. I post how many pages I read every day there!


Day One

  • Started reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.
  • It was a Sunday and I went on a trip out of town with my friends, so I didn’t do that much reading.
  • I did read on the train back home, which was great.
  • Thoughts so far on the book: it’s not very captivating or exciting, but maybe it’s just because I’m still in the first few chapters.


Day Two

  • I didn’t read at all that day.
  • But I did sleep early so I could wake up early and read in the morning.


Day Three

  • Read for an hour in the morning.
  • Reached page 186 of Angels and Demons.
  • Thoughts on the book: it has a very good premise, and I could see how Dan Brown puts in a lot of research into his work. Although sometimes there’ll be an overload of information jumbled up in the story, it was still very exciting to read. But, none of the characters were very interesting to me.


Day Four

  • Read a lot in the morning, and I read a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes that day.
  • Reached page 310 of Angels and Demons.
  • Thoughts on the book: The plot has gotten quite intense so it was more fun to read the book.


Day Five

  • Didn’t read at all 😦


Day Six

  • Spent around less than an hour reading in the morning. I was sick that day (it was Friday and I didn’t even go to uni because I was sick) so I wasn’t really in the mood for reading.
  • Reached page 390 of Angels and Demons.
  • Again, the plot has gotten really interesting and fast-paced so it was easier to keep up and get excited with all the story. Also I started to really like the characters, mainly the Hassassin and the camerlengo, also the main character Langdon was also quite interesting.


Day Seven

  • It was a Saturday and I felt still sort of sick and unwell, but I had to go outside of the house the whole day, so as a result I didn’t spend that much time reading. I only read for like 15 minutes in the morning during breakfast.


Day Eight

  • Spent a super little amount of time reading.
  • I’m still reading Angels and Demons even though I had planned on starting All the Light we Cannot See this weekend, but I sort of felt like I’m still in the mood for reading this one rather than start a whole new book.


Well, that is all for what I read in the readathon so far! Wish me luck for the next six days of the readathon! Hopefully I’ll get more reading done as well. For more info and live updates, follow my Harry Potter blog and my Goodreads.

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