Month: August 2017

Being Inactive… Again?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Tea and Paperbacks! I know, I’m a horrible blogger. The last post in this blog was 2 months ago, and I know I have been inactive again for a while now. To be honest, I have no excuses. I do have reasons, such as lack of time, my summer holiday, and my lack of reading.

But I’m back now! I’m still not sure if I will be 100% committed to this blog, or if I will find a way to change things up a bit around here. I might not post as often as I did, or reply to comments like I used to. You might see less book reviews or less book tag posts, but I’ll try to post regularly and not be inactive for a whole month or something. And I do miss blogging and writing, so please don’t unfollow me and keep expecting new content to come up soon!

Some posts you can still expect:

  • Monthly wrap ups
  • Movie bimonthly wrap ups
  • Book reviews
  • Travel posts!

Until now, happy reading, and I hope to see you all in the future.