Classes, Morning Reading and Shopping: Weekly Wrap Up #1

Hi everyone! I’ve decided that I will do a weekly wrap up of my life in general, and my reading progress! I think it’ll be fun to discuss what I did throughout the week and post it on Sunday night. Hopefully I can do this regularly and do it every week!


This is the first week of classes for my third year in university, and it’s been great! There are a lot of new classes that we’ve never had before, and it’s exciting to learn new topics and some are definitely boring and some looks really difficult, but I love learning so I can’t wait to see what the classes this semester has to offer to me. I have several classes spread across three days of the week, but on Monday and Thursday I didn’t have any classes so I could just chill at home and it’s wonderful.

On mornings I’ve tried to read more instead of watching Youtube videos. On Thursday I promised myself I’ll try to read until midday and not open my laptop at all, and I did! At the beginning of the week I started reading Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, which started a little slow because I wasn’t familiar with the characters yet. Throughout the week this book was what I was mainly reading, and now I’m around 70% through. It’s really fun reading in the morning as I’m eating my toast, with the morning sunlight streaming through my window and enjoying a murder mystery underneath my blanket.

2017-09-07 10.56.15

I also started Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch, but I’m still only on the first chapter and haven’t continued reading it.


On Thursday night I watched the premiere of Inhumans in IMAX at the cinema with my boyfriend (because he’s a huge Marvel fan). I wasn’t excited at all, I had zero expectations and to be honest, I was a little reluctant to spend that much money on IMAX to watch the first two episodes of a series I probably won’t watch. In general I didn’t hate the first two episodes, but I didn’t love it either. You can really tell it was made for IMAX and the director really showcased a lot of the camera and cinematography skills. The story itself is quite interesting, but that is due to the comics. The characters aren’t very apparent, you don’t really know them that well yet, but I do like them. The dialogues weren’t amazing, and the directing wasn’t that good, it felt too forcedly dramatic. Overall, around a 3 star “movie” for me.


Food and health wise, I haven’t done ANY sports (even though I’m a generally lazy person, I’m trying to lose weight by doing yoga in the past). For food, I’ve tried my best to not snack on too much sweets, which I’ve quite succeeded! For breakfast I ate one piece of toast with sandwich spread and cucumbers, and sometimes tea. For lunch I had a huge salad with pan-fried chicken, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and a lemon-olive oil dressing. For dinner I had various dishes, I cooked yaki udon with chicken and mushrooms one night and it was marvelous.


On Friday night after classes, I had a wonderful time with my friends and our boyfriends, we went to Murphy’s Law in The Hague and had drinks while enjoying live jazz. The atmosphere was warm and fun, and we rarely ever go out for drinks but we feel very adult-y and it’s wonderful to have fun with my friends outside of class.

On Saturday me and my boyfriend and my two housemates (and their boyfriends) went to Roermond for a day to their famous factory outlet to spend some money on CLOTHES. I planned on buying a winter coat that is branded where I know it’s good quality, and for an affordable price, and others wanted winter coats, or bags, or shoes, etc. I’m not a huge fashionista and I hate buying new clothes – in my opinion, I only need 2-3 coats for winter and it’ll be enough for me. My old parka which has served me for 2 years is still good but its zipper is broken, which is a shame.


In the end I bought a dark-red, really really thick parka from Superdry which I’m really happy with. I’m a little sad I have to spend so much money, but I can try to save more in the future, and I think it’ll be a good investment for me. It looks a lot like this one, but with a deep red color. And the weather is not cold enough for me to wear it yet –  I might put up a picture sometime in the future!

The trip was fun, we spent around 2 hours to get there from our house by train. I spent it napping, playing on my phone, chatting with the others, playing Black Stories, and reading a short story collection I bought written by Rain Chudori, titled Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories. It’s a lovely, small, well published book that’s not very thick and has large font but the stories are very enjoyable, easy reading and the writing is often times very beautiful.

So that was my week! Very fun and not too exciting, especially since I’m still in the beginning of the school year so I’m still pumped to study and the workload isn’t that heavy yet.


Plans for next week:

  • Start doing yoga again
  • Food: milk & cereal for breakfast, salads for lunch, low carb and small portion of dinner. Fruits for snacks
  • Study well, do more homework
  • Read more in the mornings, since I don’t have many morning classes. Write reviews for the books I’ve read.
  • Finish the short story collection and Murder on the Orient Express, and start reading another book on my Kindle.
  • Watch at least one movie on the cinema.

How was your week? What did you read? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Lovely image of you snuggled up reading. Yoga has any benefits but weight loss isn’t one of them unfortunately (not unless you do that extreme version which is done in a hot room like a sauna). You need a mix of cardio and weights instead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I just feel like yoga is the best type of sport for me. For the mild weight loss program I have, I try to focus on the food I eat instead. It’s nice to switch things up with a little movement, though.


  2. Ooh good luck with your classes! I’m starting my second year of uni in a few weeks as well and I’m quite excited. Also your morning reading with toast and sunlight sounds really lovely! Your lunch salad sounds nice 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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