Review Policy

I make reviews of most of the books I’ve read and post them regularly. A lot of my reviews do not contain spoilers and are basically a guide for people who haven’t read the book, but some of them contain spoilers because I really discuss the contents of the book and what I thought about it in great detail.

I usually post 1-2 reviews a month and discuss all the books I read and short thoughts on them on my monthly wrap-ups.

Book reviews I have written have generally around 1,000 words in total and that is probably longer than normal book reviews but that is because I really do share all my thoughts on all the aspects of the book, including:

  • cover
  • title
  • premise
  • plot/storyline
  • characters
  • setting
  • ending (unless the review is non spoilers)
  • writing style
  • dialogues
  • and sometimes I even discuss its movie adaptation.

Other than that, if I don’t have that many thoughts on the book, I will still mention it on my monthly wrap-up or weekly updates, or readathon wrap ups. Those small reviews will consist only around 100-300 words.

I also post reviews in different forms other than the regular book review posts, such as:

My rating system is similar to Goodreads but more detailed. I use stars from one to five but I also apply half stars unlike Goodreads so I might give the book, for example, a 3.5 stars.

I accept ARCs and books from publishers or authors, both in hard copy or e-book format. If you are interested to give me your book in exchange for an honest review, message me at To see the list of reviews I have done, visit my Book Reviews Page.