48-Hours Readathon 2015

It’s A Wrap! Tea and Paperbacks’s #48HR15

Finally, the readathon has ended! It was generally an unsuccessful readathon for me, I basically read only the first few hours and the last few hours of the readathon because of schedule changes. But on the bright side, I really had fun and it really increased my enthusiasm to read more!

Here is the wrap up from the 48 Hour Readathon:

The books I decided to read was different than my initial TBR that I posted the day before the readathon. But still, it was a blast reading these books and for the books that I haven’t finished, I’m really looking forward to reading them! For the book I did finish, it did leave a big impression on me and I think I will make a review about it soon. And in the future, when I decide to maybe reread the books I read today, I would be reminded again of my first readathon.

2015-10-21 14.30.15 copy

Overall, these past two days were great! Sure it wasn’t as I had expected, but I think I might do better in my next readathon, whenever that is. I also consumed quite a large amount of snacks, mainly cookies and cakes, and also tea and juice. And I slept late and woke up early just to read more, which is an amazing achievement for me. To find out more of my updates and thoughts during the readathon, check out my Tumblr. I ramble a lot there hahaha.

Total books finished: 1
Total pages read: 550

That is all for my 48 Hours Readathon 2015! I had a wonderful time, and I’ll see you soon with another post. Bye!


Late Night Reading: Tea and Paperbacks’s #48HR15 38:00hrs

It’s around 11 pm at the moment, which means I’m already at my 38th hour of my readathon and only 10 hours left!

Today was a busy day because I went out for most of the day and didn’t read much from morning until afternoon. But I managed to pick up the pace in the evening and I basically just read with small breaks of food and internet from 6 pm to 11 pm.

I’ve almost finished Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (only ___ short stories to go!) and I’m around halfway through Finding Audrey (a really quick and easy book, very light read and I just flew through it). Meanwhile I actually didn’t eat that many snacks, only several of the new cookie I bought (which tastes weird at first but then it kind of grew on me – the taste was sort of gingery and has a very strong, almost spicy taste to it!).

Oh well, it’s really late and my eyelids feel sooo heavy I don’t think I can continue anymore. I still have several hours when I wake up to continue reading, so wish me luck!

Hours since started: 38 hours
Number of books finished: zero (sad face)
Pages read: 184 + 106 + 90 = 380
Number of cookies consumed: 8.
Status: Super duper sleepy. But will wake up early tomorrow to finish at least one book – hopefully two!

First Day Recap: Tea and Paperbacks’s #48HR15 26:20hrs

Can’t believe it’s already been 24 hours, which means I’m more than halfway towards the end of my readathon! Here are the updates of the first day:


I sadly didn’t read much because I went away from the house to do some work with my friends, and then I spent the night at their house which means I didn’t read before I sleep like I usually do. Which is sad and it’s a major drawback since I initially thought I’d be able to spend the day just reading and I thought I’d be able to finish at least one book today, but I didn’t. But I’m still keeping positive, I still have more than 20 hours to go before the readathon ends!

Hours since started: 26 hours and 20 minutes
Currently reading: Blind Willow Sleeping Woman and Finding Audrey (set aside Case Histories for now because it has way too many pages)
Pages read: 138 + 46 = 184
Number of cookies consumed: At least 3
Slices of cake consumed: Most definitely more than 7
Cups of tea consumed: 3