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March and April Bimonthly Movie Wrap Up

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tea and Paperbacks! As it is now already May, it’s time to wrap the movies that I watched in the past two months! This is a new segment I made starting 2016, in which I plan to list all the movies and TV shows I watched in one post every two months, and show the highlights of my favourites and least favourites.

My goal is to watch 100 movies in a year. To see the updates of my movie watching experience, go and be friends with me on Letterboxd! It’s mostly just my personal platform to see the movies I watched in a digital format, but feel free to add me if you want to! I also made a list of all the movies I own on my external disk but have not watched, and so when I want to watch a movie I will choose a random movie from there and watch it.

This past two months was a game changer because I made an unlimited card on my local cinema Pathe, and so I was able to watch everything on the cinema for only €19 per month, which made me go to the movies a lot. Like, I went to a lot of movies and as a result this last month I watched quite alot of new movies, which is excellent!

Movies I Watched in March





Movies I Watched in April





TV Shows I Watched


  • Shadowhunters: finished Season 1!
  • Community: finished Season 6 slash the whole series
  • Daredevil: finished the last of Season 2!
  • Game of Thrones: starting Season 6
  • Supernatural: still in the middle of Season 11
  • The X-Files: still in the middle of Season 2


10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

I didn’t expect much from this movie, but I did know that it was a thriller and the trailer looked super intriguing and since it was playing at the cinema, I thought why not? I was blown away by how amazing it was. I don’t know whether it was just my kind of movie (I guess I just liked movies with people stuck in a small room and running away from each other), or if it really was a good movie, but it was one of the best movies I watched this month.

Demolition (2015)


Another movie I watched at the movies! I watched this solely because of Jake Gyllenhaal. I love him and in here he was amazing! His acting was A++ and the story of the movie itself did not disappoint. I love the cinematography and everything, the ending was adorable.

Panic Room (2002)

Another movie similar to 10 Cloverfield Lane. I know, this is a super popular movie but I’ve never watched this before! And one day I just browsed through Netflix and saw this and thought hmm why not? And I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so suspenseful and Jodie Foster was excellent.

Spotlight (2015)


This movie was amazing. I didn’t know much about it, I just decided to watch it, alone, at the theater because of my free subscription lol. But I was taken aback by how wonderful it was! Great screenwriting, amazing cast, the whole premise was excellent. I wasn’t surprised it won the Oscar.

Shadowhunters (2016-)

I was pushed to watch this movie because of my friend, and at first I was totally not into it. I was like, this is so crappy and the effects is horrible and I haven’t even read the book so I why should I watch this? But then I was sucked into this whole incredible paranormal world and I just couldn’t stop watching it. Especially added to the fact that Matthew Daddario makes me wanna cry with his gorgeousness :”)

Community (2009-2015)


I was a huge fan of Community years ago when it was on TV back at home. And I binge watched the first 3-4 seasons online, proceeded to download the whole thing, and then forgot about everything just like that. But then a few weeks ago, I read a random piece of news about how Community’s struggle to survive until the sixth season to reach the saying “Six seasons and a movie” and I immediately got hit by all the feels so I scanned through the episodes, saw which episode did I remember last, and continued watching it. And the last few seasons were horrible. Season 5 had a weird old man who then disappeared in the last season, and Troy wasn’t in there (whom I miss so much!), and in the last season Shirley left or whatever. But overall it was such a throwback and I just love how unique and different this show is from other shows out there. I was so stuck with all the characters and when the finale ended I was just sobbing like a baby. So yeah, I had a blast watching Community. I can’t wait for the movie they promised!

Notable Mentions

  • Daredevil (2015-): Matt Murdock’s ass, and Frank Castle.
  • Room (2015): excellent acting and stayed so true to the book.
  • The Jungle Book (2016): unexpectedly fun to watch, I’d love it if I’d watched it when I was younger.
  • Django Unchained (2012): my first time watching this, it wasn’t as great as Kill Bill but it’s definitely up there.

Worst or Disappointments


Total movies watched in March: 17
Total movies watched in April: 20
Total movies watched in 2016: 88
Number of movies watched at the cinema: 10
Number of movies watched with my friends: 12
Number of movies watched alone: 17
Number of movies watched that were released in 2015 and 2016: 11


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January and February Bimonthly Movie Wrap Up

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Tea and Paperbacks! As you probably know, so far this blog has mostly focused on books. In fact, almost 100 percent of the things I post here are about books. But, I also want to talk to you guys about another hobby that I love, which is watching movies! I have a goal this year to watch 100 movies. Last year, I nearly reached that goal by watching 98 movies. This year I hope I can watch more than that.

So, I’ve decided that starting from this year, I will start to post bimonthly wrap ups of the movies I watch! I thought it’ll be simpler to do the wrap ups once every two months because I will only highlight the several memorable movies I watched in that month, instead of reviewing every single movie I watched. Keep in mind that the movies I will include in this list are not necessarily new released movies, and might include movies that I have watched before.

Movies I Watched in January


Movies I Watched in February


TV Shows I Watched in January and February


  • Breaking Bad: currently watching season 3
  • The X-Files: currently watching season 2
  • Orphan Black: currently watching season 1
  • Daredevil: currently waiting for season 2
  • Shadowhunters: watched the first two episodes and gave up
  • Supernatural: currently watching season 11



Whiplash (2014)
First time I watched this movie, and I was blown away by the acting and the whole nuance of the movie. Excellent and gripping story, Miles Teller was excellent.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Again, this was the first time I’ve watched this super famous and classic movie, and all I can say is that I regret not watching this earlier. I’m not a huge fan of romance movies but this one is just sweet and fun and adorable. Now I understand why my mom loves it so much.


Sense and Sensibility (1995)
I enjoyed the book, and every time this movie would play on TV at home my mom would watch it again and again with me. This time I watched it alone just because it was available on Netflix on a quiet weekend day, and I just loved reliving the whole story, the lovely characters, and the beautiful screenwriting.

Side Effects (2013)
Recommended by my friend since she heard about how much I liked Gone Girl, I watched this with my friends and we were blown away. Rooney Mara is stunning as always – she has become one of my favourite actresses. I love the whole plot twists and interesting mindblowing scenes.


The Revenant (2015)
Watched this at the cinema and I loved it. It was beautifully shot, the whole setting and the cinematography was A++. The story itself plotwise was alright, but the acting was incredible, and so is the whole vibe. The only problem I think is that the whole movie could’ve been shorter and edited more so that people wouldn’t get a little too bored by the end. But overall a very award-worthy movie. And Leonardo’s acting is incredible, he certainly deserved that Oscar.


Brooklyn (2015)
Another movie famous in the award industry that I loved even though the plot wasn’t that amazing. I love the colors and the scenery in this movie, the characters were lovely and there were times when I’d tear up a little. The acting was wonderful and everything about it was just lovely to watch.

Actors & Actresses

Matt Damon
I don’t know why, I’ve been pretty much addicted to his movies in February. He was excellent in The Martian but I never really thought of him that much but I quite think he’s attractive and his acting is not that bad after all.

Paul Rudd
Again, another actor I would’ve usually thought of as okay, but after watching I Love You Man, I realized how much I love him! He was great in Parks and Rec, and I decided to watch more of his movies afterwards. Can’t wait to see more of him.

Bryan Cranston
He’s excellent so far in all the episodes of Breaking Bad. There were moments when I’d think while watching a scene of him: he’s so friggin good. And if some other actor had been chosen as Walter I don’t think the series would be as successful and loved as it is now. I can’t wait to watch more of his movies, especially his Oscar-nominated movie.


Well, these are all the movies and shows I watched in the first two months of the year! Which movies did you really enjoy this year so far? Are you a movie-goer? Did you like the Oscar-nominated movies? Share your thoughts and movies you watched or you want to watch in the comments!

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