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Burn, Rewrite, Reread Book Tag

Tag time! Hello, welcome to my blog, Tea and Paperbacks, where I post every Monday! In this post I was tagged for this tag by the lovely Emily Rose @ Rose Reads, and I am super excited to do this tag!!!

The Rules:

  • Randomly choose 3 books (pro tip: use the “Sort > Random” option on your Goodreads’ read shelf).
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (like Marry, Boff, Kill).
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or six) (or however many you want to do).

Round 1

cover13  cover14  cover15

I felt really sorry for the Seekers series, but the main reason why I read the three books in the series years ago was because my dad just randomly bought the first book for me and I was quite interested. Now that I’m older I realized that it’s not a very good book. Also I’d love to reread Jane Eyre, it’s been years since I read it!

Round 2

cover1  cover2  cover3

I didn’t remember much from A Journey to the Center of the Earth but I don’t think it was one of my favourite classics. I wouldn’t change TSOA for anything in the world, its writing is so beautiful, but compared to The Raven Boys, I’d reread the whole Raven Cycle again and again if I could.

Round 3

cover4  cover5  cover6

Again, another book my dad bought me, which was A Single Shard. I remember quite liking it when I was younger, but I absolutely do not remember much. All I remember was that it was set in Korea, and it was very interesting to learn about the culture surrounding pottery and all that stuff. I really wanna reread it right now.

Round 4

cover7  cover8  cover9

Again, another unfair choice because I wouldn’t want to change anything from The Bell Jar – sure the writing sometimes got sort of boring, but it was still super good – but because it was compared to Harry friggin Potter, of course I had to choose Harry Potter to be reread.

Round 5

cover10  cover11  cover12

I felt super sad about this choice, but I just couldn’t help it. I really liked The Girl on the Train, which I only read recently. I adored Lord of the Flies though, it’s such an amazing book that gave me chills while reading it. Buuuut I had to choose Narnia above them to be reread, cause I absolutely remember nothing from the last two books of the series. It seems like I have a lot of books to reread!!

Phew, that was a fun tag! I really liked the difficult choices, it really made me sad to sacrifice some books. Anyways, I won’t tag anyone, but if you really wanna do this tag, consider yourselves tagged! See you on another post, bye!


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Bookaholics Anonymous Tag

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, Tea and Paperbacks! I’m Ayunda, and today I realized that over a month has passed since the last time I posted a book tag, which is quite interesting! I feel like it’s both a conscious decision to try and post more original content on the blog, but also unconscious because who doesn’t love book tags? Anyway, I was recently tagged by Rose @ Rose Read for this book tag, and I’m just gonna jump straight into the questions.


1. What do you like about buying new books?

The smell, the feel of the smooth unopened pages, and the fact that I actually own that book is basically enough for me to be happy after buying a new book.

2. How often do you buy new books?

I try to order two or less per month, but sometimes I’d go to Amsterdam and explore the secondhand bookstores there, or find an amazing buy and I’d immediately buy it.


3. Bookstore or online book shopping – which do you prefer?

Bookstore, although most of the time nowadays I’d browse through an online bookstore first and decide what I really wanna buy, then go to the bookstore to buy it. But for the whole vibe of it, I’d say bookstores.

4. Do you have a favorite bookshop?

There are three bookshops near my area, which is amazing, but two of them sell a majority of Dutch books so my favourite is probably the one that sells most English books. The name of the bookstore is the American Book Center, which is a famous bookstore in the Netherlands. I also could spend hours in their secondhand area upstairs.


5. Do you preorder books?

Not that often, I didn’t preorder a single book for the last two years and only ordered one this year.

6. Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

I try to not buy more than 3 books a month, but some months I won’t buy a single books and other months I’d buy 5 books but they’d all be good bargains so no, I don’t have a specific limit.


7. Book buying bans – Are they something for you?

Nope. It feels a little like a diet, that moment when you’d eat healthy or less for a whole month and then have a “cheat day” where you can eat basically anything for a day. Which makes me feel like you’re basically just keeping all your urge to buy books pent up inside and in the end it will burst out and give horrible effects to you. I just believe in self preservation and the penniless situation of uni students lol.

8. How big is your wishlist?

Huuuuugeeee. My TBR shelf isn’t that big, but my Book Depository wishlist is considered large for me. I recently did a TBR Unhaul post though, where I browse through my wishlists and remove books that I feel like I don’t wanna read or buy anymore.


9. Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own NOW?

  1. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
  2. Night Film by Marisha Pessl
  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition by JK Rowling

10. Tagging?

I’m not in the mood to tag anyone, so I’ll just tag YOU if you want to do this tag!


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Sidekicks In Fiction and Why I Love Them

Good evening friends! How has your month went? For this post I have decided to share to you my thoughts on sidekicks in fiction, since I have discovered that some of my favourite characters in books, and even TV shows, are not the main characters, but their sidekicks.

Based on TV Tropes, sidekicks are: The friends and helpers of the main hero. They can be almost any type of hero playing a secondary role, a normal character observing the action, or Plucky Comic Relief – sometimes all three. Typically they are a Foil to the hero, and this is often underscored by their dramatically different appearance.


My favourite sidekicks:


Ron Weasley from Harry Potter by JK Rowling
Some of you have probably known that Ron is probably my favourite character in the world, and definitely my favourite character in the Harry Potter series. He’s such a loyal friend who deserves a lot more than being overshadowed by his best friend. I think that he’s a very valuable member to the trio and also to the plot of the story, and that his representation in the movies was horribly done. Despite the fact that sometimes people would overlook him and even though all his life he has always came second, he still remained a reliable friend to Harry.


John Watson from Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and BBC’s Sherlock
I have always liked Watson ever since I read the short stories when I was in middle school, but I fell in love with the character played by Martin Freeman. Again, I think that John was a very valuable character, and takes a really big role in the development of the story and to the main character Sherlock. He is also one of the most well-written and well-acted characters I’ve seen on television. There is much more to him that just the famous detective’s housemate.

Manchee from the The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (review)
Sure, at first Manchee was kinda annoying, both to Todd and to me the reader. But he definitely grew on me. Again, his loyalty and his friendship with the main character basically made the main character, Todd, a better character and acted as a huge part of his development. He might only be a dog and a sidekick, but he had a special place in my heart.

James Wesley from Marvel’s Daredevil
This is a very recent show I watched, and fell in love with. And I do love the main characters and all that, but for some reason I had a kind of a crush on Wesley. Unlike the previous sidekicks I mentioned before, Wesley is the antagonist’s sidekick instead of the protagonist’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s not as badass or as great as the others. The friendship and the devotion Wesley showed was amazing, and I had wished that he’d appear more on the episodes. Moments that showed Wesley and Fisk’s relationship are just wonderful to watch.


Isaac from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Isaac wasn’t my favourite character from this very famous novel, because I don’t think I have one favourite character. But he’s one of the characters I really liked most and the character that I would want to read about more. His friendship with Gus and his light personality was great, and I really enjoyed the scenes in the book that involved Isaac.


Leo Valdez from the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan
My favourite character from the Percy Jackson world is probably Percy Jackson himself and Nico di Angelo. But Leo comes in close with those two. I looooved Leo. He was my kind of guy. He was such an awesome character, with a lot of depth and great personality. His humour, though sometimes I feel like was used too much as comic relief alone, was excellent and although he’s not necessarily anyone’s “sidekick”, he was sort of the outsider from the gang. I still think that he’s an amazing character and I love him a lot.

Sam Winchester from CW’s Supernatural
I love the show Supernatural, and again, the not-main-character is my favourite character. Yes, you might argue that Sam is basically the main character of the show, but when you think about it, Sam is basically Dean (his brother)’s sidekick, not just because of their age but also because in truth, Sam is basically on Dean’s leash. I feel like his role might’ve changed a little bit over the years, but still there are moments when Sam is overshadowed by his big brother. And we have actually explored this theme of the brother’s relationship a lot in the series.
Personally, Sam is an amazing character for me. He is basically my dream guy and I love his character so much. Despite his weaknesses and all, I still prefer him over his big brother.


Some more of them I really love:

  • Torin from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
  • Samwell Tarly from A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin
  • Bolin from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra series
  • Mike Wazowski from Disney’s Monsters Inc.
  • Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien
  • Sebastian from Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  • Robin from DC Comic’s Batman.
  • Ron Stoppable from Disney’s Kim Possible
  • Bucky Barnes from Marvel’s Captain America

These are only some of my favourite side characters from the fictional world that I can think of. And some of you might not agree with me but I love them. I feel like they are so underappreciated, and I can talk all day about them.


Reasons why I love sidekicks:

They are sometimes more important than the main character
Say Ron Weasley for example: can you even count how many times he has saved Harry’s life? And without Ron, they would probably have never passed the chess part in the Sorcerer’s Stone, or Harry would’ve drowned in the lake in the Deathly Hallows while trying to get the Gryffindor Sword. They play a very valuable role in the story of the book or movie or show.


The keep the main character alive
Basically all of the sidekicks I mentioned above are from adventure or fantasy-ish stories and most of them involve life or death situations. And the main character probably needed their best friend’s help to stay alive. Manchee has saved Todd’s life numerous times, and Todd knows and is forever grateful for him for it. Again, even if the story isn’t very adventurous, like TFIOS, the friend can always save the main character through different ways. Isaac keeps August hopeful and cheerful despite his sickness.

They are much more deeper than only a way to add humor to the story
Leo Valdez, Ron Weasley, Manchee, Bolin, are some side-characters that were unnecessarily used to add humor to the story, and made as if they are stupid or ignorant to make the main character seem smarter or better. But they have way more depth than that. I can make a whole another post about why Ron Weasley is not the stupid, ignorant, lazy person you watch in the movies, or why Bolin is actually a really intelligent person who sometimes goes out of character to make the audience laugh in certain scenes.


They are always there
Sidekicks are loyal and they are the heroes’ true friends. Although they might start off as hopeless like Sam Tarly, they grew to become a reliable friend toward their main characters.
The main characters would turn to their sidekicks in doubt or trouble, and some main character might not appreciate them enough (and regret it in the end *cough*Manchee*cough*), yet some of them would show that even though they were the one who got the glory and has their name put up as the title of the book series, they wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for their best friends. Sherlock Holmes in the canon stories had shown some aspects of humanity because of his friend Watson. The main characters can always rely on their sidekicks, on any situation. Because they are the real heroes behind the story.


So I might’ve rambled on way too long in this post, but as you can see, I have a very deep and passionate love for sidekicks and overshadowed characters. If you agree with me, leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s strive to make 2016 the year of Sidekick Love!!!

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